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OlympTrade VIP Account

How to become a VIP trader on OlympTrade broker video review.

VIP status on OlympTrade broker

OlympTrade VIP account
VIP account for traders.

To begin with, to get VIP status of your trading account on OlympTrade broker you will need to make a one-time deposit of €2000 or above. However, you don’t need exactly this ‘Become a VIP trader’ button, simply go to the deposit page and select the amount which is higher or equal to €2000.

OlympTrade bonuses for VIP account

OlympTrade VIP account deposit
Deposit on OlympTrade platform for VIP account.

Most importantly, you will get different bonuses according to the amount of a deposit. For example: if the deposit amount will be €4000 you will get 30% of the bonus. In other words, you will be credited €5200. You will also get 2 X €100 risk-free trades. Make your choice and press on the green ‘Deposit’ button.

Benefits of VIP status

OlympTrade VIP account benefits
VIP status benefits on olymp trade broker.

After purchasing a VIP account you will get 9 main benefits:

  1. Rate of return will now be up to 92%.
  2. Maximum trade amount will be €5000.
  3. You will have your personal consultant.
  4. You will get risk-free trades.
  5. VIP status will unlock the individual training.
  6. Private webinars are going to be available.
  7. Opportunity to Study and use secret strategies to get maximum out of trading.
  8. Unlock trading signals which will help you to gain more.
  9. You will be invited to all exclusive events.

OlympTrade Risk-Free trades

Risk-free trades are trades with no chance of losing money. In other words, if the prediction on the trade was wrong, broker will return to you the whole trade amount.

Can I lose VIP?

Yes, you can. Every trader can simply contact the OlympTrade 24/7 support center. Explain them your situation, they will always help you. Moreover, according to the rules of VIP account: if trader withdraws half or more of his balance, the VIP status will be canceled. However this rule is valid only for the first 15 days.  

What is more a VIP status will be taken if you will trade on your real-type account for 3 month or broker itself will see fraudulent activity from your side. Last but not least is that you mustn’t misuse VIP privileges.

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  1. I bought VIP status instantly when I was a newcomer on OlympTrade. And it is better than a basic account on 100%

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