The Moving Average

OlympTrade Moving Average

The Moving Average strategy on OlympTrade broker video

Moving Average on OlympTrade Platform

OlympTrade Currency pairs
Choose currency pairs on Olymp Trade before select indicator

Firstly, the Moving Average (SMA) is a very simple and profitable strategy. Moreover, it may be used not only by beginners but by professional traders as well. We are going to start from choosing the currency pair we are going to trade on. To gain the most profit from SMA indicator it is better to trade on EUR/USD currency pair. You can switch between stocks on the top of the trading platform itself.

How to Add SMA?

OlympTrade Simple Moving Average
Simple Moving Average indicator

Now we are going to apply the SMA indicator. To find it go to the Indicators menu and SMA will be on top. Just press on it and you will see that the orange line appeared on the graph. This indicator is the key link of the OlympTrade Moving Average strategy

SMA Settings on OlympTrade

Selecting the SMA period
SMA Period on olymptrade trading platform

It’s time for setting up the indicators. You will need to press on the “edit indicator” button as it is shown above and set period of 60. After that, you will need to add one more SMA Indicator and set period of 4. Thus, you will have two SMA Indicators with periods of 60 and 4.

Duration of a Trade on OlympTrade

OlympTrade Sell
Sell an option on OlympTrade

Next step is entering the amount you want to bet on a trade. You may also select the duration of the trade above. Available durations are: 1, 5, 10, 15 minutes or 5 hours and 5 minutes. You will also be able to enter your time if you want. When you are finished with your choices press on the “BUY” button (In our case, graph will go up).

SMA Principle on Olymp Trade Broker

Intersection of two indicators on the trading platform
Principle of Moving Average on olymptrade platform

You may see two SMA Indicators. Orange line is SMA with period of 60 (Long) and blue line is SMA with period of 4 (Short). When short SMA intersects long SMA bottom-up, you will need to “BUY” (ascending trend), if short SMA intersects long SMA top-down, you will need to “SELL” (descending trend).

Note: You may trade as on Area chart as on Japanese candles.

Profit From OlympTrade Moving Average

OlympTrade Profit from moving average
Profit from moving average strategy

As a result, here is our profit for 1 minute! As you already recognised the OlympTrade Moving Average strategy itself is very simple and profitable. Thus you will be able to make more money on OlympTrade platform using this simple method.

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  1. The moving average is one of the most simple strategies I have ever used and it has big potential. I made for about $53,500 while using it.

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