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OlympTrade MACD Professional Strategy

MACD Professional strategy on OlympTrade broker video

Profitable Strategy on OlympTrade platform

OlympTrade MACD professional strategy
What is MACD Professional strategy on Olymp Trade?

To begin with, MACD Professional strategy is used by professional traders focused on a high return in a long-term trade. The strategy itself may look complicated at first. The reason is that it based on 3 indicators: (MACD oscillator, EMA – Exponential Moving Average and the Parabolic SAR). However, no matter how hard the strategy looks, in fact it is not so difficult to make money while using it.

Set up for Trading

OlympTrade Japanese Candles
Japanese candles on OlympTrade broker

We are going to begin with changing the chart type to Japanese candlesticks. You can do this in a “chart type selection” menu which is located next to the menu with indicators.

OlympTrade EMA Parabolic MACD
EMA, Parabolic and MACD indicators on Olymptrade platform

Next step is adding indicators which we will be using in our MACD Professional strategy. You will need to go to the “Indicators” menu which is located at the top left side of a trading page. After that, you will need to add the following indicators: EMA, Parabolic, MACD. You will see that three different indicators has appeared on the graph and we are nearly ready for the trading process.

OlympTrade EMA Time period
Time period on OlympTrade trading platform

The final step before trading with MACD Professional strategy is changing the time frame to one hour and setting the trade time of two hours. You may however, use other time frames and trade times but they will be not so accurate. The good thing is that you can use any asset which you want.

How to use MACD Professional Strategy?

OlympTrade MACD professional strategy
Principle of MACD Professional strategy on Olymp Trade

Finally, the theory of MACD Professional is pretty simple. In order to be sure that you have ascending trend, indicators should show the following:

  1. The Parabolic purple dot must be underneath the EMA.
  2. The MACD line must intersect the signal line bottom up as it is shown on the picture above.

Similarly, if you will have descending trend, you will see the following:

  1. The Parabolic purple dot must be above the EMA.
  2. The MACD line must intersect the signal line top down.
OlympTrade call or put option
Buy an option on olymptrade broker

Likewise, If you see these signals from your indicators (ascending trend), you will need to press on the green “BUY” button. After that, just wait for your income from MACD Professional strategy.

Profit on OlympTrade Platform

Making profit on OlympTrade broker

Here it is! To sum up, MACD Professional trading strategy is complicated only on the first look. Once you get familiar with it you will be able to increase your income on OlympTrade immediately. Take your profit and go on!

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  1. Well this strategy was quite complicated for me at the very beginning, but now I’m using it from time to time and it gives me profit!

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