OlympTrade Compensation System of Losses

How does CSOL works on OlympTrade trading platform video

What is CSOL on OlympTrade?

OlympTrade Compensation System of Losses
Making profit with the Compensation System

To begin with, CSOL – OlympTrade’s Compensation System of Losses is the trading method which will help you to save your funds. What is more, you will make a profit as a result! The trading method itself is very simple. Consequently, it is suitable not only for beginners, but for professional traders as well.

How Does CSOL Works?

Above all, CSOL will help you profit even with small number of successful trades! Let’s see how it works on the example:

Trading on olymptrade
The first forecast on olymptrade was incorrect
  • Imagine that the first forecast for $10 was wrong. That means that you lost $10.
Trade amount
The second forecast was incorrect
  • The rule of OlympTrade CSOL says that you need to multiply the next trade amount by 2.5 (10×2.5) = $25. However, let’s imagine that you have lost again. $10 + $25 = $35 (This is the amount which you have lost for now).
Forecast is right
The third forecast on the trading platform was correct
  • The next trade amount is $63. The forecast was correct and with an 80% rate of return you earned $113. Let’s count the profit: 113-(35+63)=$15. After that, you will return to the initial trade amount which is $10.

OlympTrade CSOL Review

Profit on olymptrade broker
Increasing your income on olymptrade broker with Compensation System

To sum up, CSOL trading method is an amazing way of making profit on OlympTrade platform. With Compensation System of Loses you will be able to increase your earnings and broaden your boundaries in trading.

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