Is OlympTrade Scam?

Is OlympTrade scam
OlympTrade – Online trading and investing platform

Firstly, you may be interested if OlympTrade broker is a Scam? I can say instantly – no, this trading platform is not a Scam. You don’t believe me yet? Well, let’s change your opinion. 

OlympTrade broker has started from 2014. Since then trading platform has created the new and improved the old. This broker takes the most care about its customers and it has both friendly and positive 24/7 multi language support.

OlympTrade Regulation

To begin with, OlympTrade broker is a member of a Financial Commission of A category. This is proof of the broker’s reliability and high quality services. Likewise, proof of guarantees insurance on each trader deposit, comprehensive support and fast solution of all problems.

OlympTrade FinaCom
OlympTrade broker joined International Financial Commission

OlympTrade broker joined the International Financial Commission on February 22, 2016. Most importantly, the membership in FinaCom is privilege provided only to reliable and honest companies. However, you will be able to view the certificate itself by going to “Regulation” tab and pressing on the “View the certificate” button.  

Nevertheless, the financial commission guarantees up to €20,000 coverage per complaint.

Is OlympTrade Safe? Legal Information

OlympTrade Legal information
Legal information about OlympTrade broker

Go to the “Regulation” and after to the “Legal information” tab to see this list. Here you will be provided with 9 topics of legal information about OlympTrade broker. All of them are available in pdf. After the reading you will understand that OlympTrade broker is safe.

OlympTrade FinaCom Certificates

OlympTrade Category A broker
Certificate of membership in FinaCom
Approved by FinaCom
Approved trading technology

Olymp Trade is an international online trading platform. 

The platform has been successfully operating since 2014, its brand is a lot of tools and impeccable quality service. This is confirmed by prestigious prizes from industry experts such as the KROUFR Awards, IAIR Awards, Show FX World and others.

The unique benefits for customers offered by Olymp Trade broker have been evaluated by traders from over 20 countries.

Firsly, these benefits include low-cost market access such as deposits starting at $ 10 / € 10. What is more, guaranteed withdrawals without commission within 1-5 days and a fully functional demo account. Moreover, round-the-clock multilingual technical support and comprehensive trading base of knowledge. FinaCom experts who certified the Olymp Trade platform emphasized the safety, capacity and transparency of the accounting flow, honesty in processing trading operations, protecting confidential customer information and storing backup data.

Thus, we may conclude that OlympTrade broker is Safe and not a Scam.

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