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OlympTrade Password Recovery

How to change password on OlympTrade trading platform video

How to Restore Password on OlympTrade?

To begin with, OlympTrade Password Recovery is not a hard process. What is more, the restoration of password itself will take less than 5 minutes.

OlympTrade Password recovery
Olymptrade Login / Registration form

Sometimes we can forget our Login details, but it is not a problem on this trading platform. Like all other services, olymptrade has “change password” function. So, let’s move on to the step by step guide:

Incorrect password on olymptrade
Incorrect password alert on the trading platform
  • Firstly, don’t rush with changing your login details once you have seen the “Incorrect password” alert. Try to enter your E-mail and password one more time to avoid misprints. If the red inscription is still there, press on the “Change password” button to start the OlympTrade Password Recovery process.
Changing password via e-mail
Restore password request
  • After that, a form will open where you will need to enter your E-mail address. Make sure that you are entering your valid E-mail  which you used to register on olymptrade broker. Also, you will need to confirm that you are not a robot (which will be strange if you are). Finally, press on the blue “Restore” button.
A link with instructions
Changing password on olymptrade through the E-mail

Note: If you don’t remember E-mail address which you used for registration, contact the olymptrade’s 24/7 support. Explain your problem and they will help you as they always do.

Creating New Password

E-mail with instructions
Olymptrade password recovery
  • An e-mail with the link will come to your inbox. Here everything is simple, just click on the green “Change password” button.
New password on olymptrade
Creating new password on olymp trade broker
  • After that, you will be redirected to the olymptrade’s home page. You will see this form in front of you. Here you will need to enter your new password and re-enter the password which you have just created. After this information is filled, press on the blue “Change password” button. Make sure that your new password is strong enough! Above all, try to remember your Login details to not change password on olymptrade anymore.

Now you can easily Login into your account and continue making profit on OlympTrade broker. If you don’t have an account, you can easily create one through the Registration form below. You may also read about registration process itself.

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