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OlympTrade Fixed Time Trades

OlympTrade How options work
How olymptrade Fixed Time Trades works?

Firstly, OlympTrade Fixed Time Trades are one of the most high-profit instruments of financial markets. The point of trading is to predict the change in the price of a certain asset. For example: currency pair or a commodity. To make profit from a trade, you don’t need to know the exact price. What you need to do is forecast the rise or fall of the price. In other words, you will need to predict the chart direction (Up or Down). To make it all clear, Fixed Time Trades will help you to make profit by only deciding price of a euro against the dollar.

Trading Terms

OlympTrade Simple trading
Trading terms on this platform

All risks and possible income is known by option trader in advance. Above all, profit and loss of funds is taken into consideration before the trade opening! Income may reach up to 100% of the amount of trade! The great thing is that OlympTrade Fixed Time Trades are simple and accessible. You don’t need to make big investments to trade with. The minimum deposit amount on olymp trade platform is $10/€10. Moreover, minimum trade amount is $1/€1.

How Olymp Trade Trading Works?

OlympTrade Digital options
Four steps to make profit on olymp trade

To begin with, there are two option types on olymptrade platform: classic and time. 
Classic Fixed Time Trades (Up-Down trades); when trading them, you should choose the trade amount and the period of a trade. In other words, a period for which a trade will be opened.
Time Fixed Time Trades are a convenient way to trade on an active market. To open a trade, set the time of trade execution (option expiration time). If your forecast will be correct, the profit amount will be up to 100% from the investments.  
What is more, multi-trading occurs through the time Fixed Time Trades. There is no difference how many trades are opened by trader, all of them will be closed at the same time.

How to Trade Fixed Time Trades on OlympTrade?

Fixed Time Trades are Classic Fixed Time Trades on OlympTrade platform. Certainly, trading consists of 6 steps:

  • You choose the asset.
OlympTrade Asset
Selecting an asset on olymptrade

On olymptrade platform you can trade currency pairs and stocks, commodities and indices, crypto and shares.

  • You choose the trade amount.
OlympTrade Trade amount
Selecting the trade amount

The size of your trade will affect the income you will get. Profit from a trade can be up to 100%.

  • Set the time trade.
OlympTrade Time trade
Setting the time trade

You will have 5 time trade Fixed Time Trades lasting from 1 to 15 minutes. Moreover, there is a possibility to set your own duration of a trade.

  • Select the strike price.
OlympTrade Strike price
Selecting the strike price on the platform

When the trade expires, the price of an asset is likened to the price of strike. If your forecast was correct, you will get profit. The return rate for up-down trades may differ.  

  • Graph movement.
OlympTrade Asset price
Make a forecast on olymptrade broker

Decide whether the asset price will go up or down. 

  • Early trade closing.
OlympTrade Closing trade
Closing a trade before expiration

The Sell function is a helpful tool if you want to close the trade before expiration. Function itself is located under the asset chart in trades menu. However, the refund amount you will get depends on the asset price. Sell is available in the mobile version of an olymp trade platform as well.

How to Trade Time Fixed Time Trades on OlympTrade?

In order to trade on Time Fixed Time Trades, you will need to complete 5 following steps:

  • Go to the olymptrade platform and switch to the Time tab.
OlympTrade Time options
How to switch to time Fixed Time Trades on olymptrade

Simply click on the time trade menu (where it says “1 min”) and press on the “Expiration” button after that. 

  • Select the chart of any asset on the platform.
OlympTrade Chart trading
Chart of an any asset

Time left to buy is showing until what time you can buy the option. On the other side you can see the Time left until expiration. The name speaks for itself, this is the time until expiration of the option. What is more, this time is clearly determined on the trading platform itself. As a matter of fact, it indicates for how long you will be waiting for the outcome of the trade. After the expiration time, broker checks if the present price of the asset correlates with the set conditions. In case of correct forecast, you will make a profit. If your prediction was wrong, you will lose the option amount.

  • Select the closure time of a trade.
OlympTrade Trade closure time
Selecting the closure time of a trade

In this menu you will be able to set the trade closure time. Moreover, you will always know how much time you have to buy the option. 

  • Make a prediction and press on UP or DOWN buttons.
OlympTrade Making a forecast
Making a forecast on olymptrade

After you have made your decision, option will be opened immediately. Keep in mind that unprofitable trades can be closed at any time while Sell function is active. Thus, you will return a certain percentage of your investments. 

Note: you will not be able to open a new trade 1 min before the following time of expiration. Therefore, broker will ask you to choose other time.

  • Profit from a trade.
OlympTrade Income
Profit on olymp trade platform

If your prediction was correct, you will make a profit up to 92%. On the other hand, if your forecast was wrong, you will lose only the trade amount.

Fixed Time Trades on OlympTrade Broker

OlympTrade Options trading
About trading on OlympTrade

Above all, Fixed Time Trades is both easy and convenient way to make profit. None of the other financial instruments will give you such income in a short time. To trade on Fixed Time Trades you will not need an in-depth knowledge of the financial market or complex trading terminals studies. You don’t even need to download any software. Everything you need to trade profitably is basic market knowledge and access to economic news.

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