Blocked and Closing Account

Blocked and Closing Account on OlympTrade

OlympTrade blocked and closing account video

How to Close OlympTrade Account?

OlympTrade contact Support E-mail
Contact support by E-mail to close account

To begin with, if you decided to close your trading account on OlympTrade platform, you will need to contact the support center. It is necessary to contact olymptrade via E-mail address in this case. You will need to explain your situation and reason why did you decide to close your trading account. Broker’s support will always help you with any problems and wishes from your side. However, think twice before closing the account on Olymp Trade.

Re-open OlympTrade Account

OlympTrade Re-open trading account
Closed personal trading account on

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to re-open the closed trading account on olymptrade platform. What is more, I’m suggesting you to close your OlympTrade account if you are 100% sure about it. As you may know there is no way back after closure.

Why my Olymp Trade Account is Blocked?

OlympTrade Blocked user account
Blocked user account on trading platform

Firstly, olymp trade will never block your account without any reasons. Usually broker blocks traders who are violating the rules. If you are sure that you haven’t done anything, contact the support center of OlympTrade and explain them your situation. It will be better to contact through E-mail or contact form in this situation. OlympTrade 24/7 support will always help you.

Unblock OlympTrade Account

OlympTrade Blocked account
Unblock your account by contacting support

If your trading account was blocked for the reason of violating the rules of OlympTrade, there is nearly 0% chance of unblocking it. However, you still may try to contact the support and ask them for help. In conclusion I’m going to say that OlympTrade is a serious financial service and I recommend to be honest with them. Moreover, they are doing everything to take trading to a new level.

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  1. One time Olymptrade blocked my account and I was highly stressed about that because I had $37,000 on my account. I contacted the support department through the E-mail address and as it shown up it was just a mistake.

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