Exponential Moving Average

OlympTrade Exponential Moving Average

How to use Exponential Moving Average Indicator on OlympTrade video review

What is Exponential Moving Average on OlympTrade?

OlympTrade EMA Indicator
How EMA works on this broker?

OlympTrade EMA – Exponential Moving Average. Firstly, this indicator is something like SMA but it sends more accurate signals to the trader. Above all, EMA indicator operates in the following way: it determines a trend’s strength and it’s points of reverse. Most often traders prefer to use EMA indicator instead of SMA. The explanation for that is SMA might be late when EMA is always on time.

Where to find EMA?

Where to find Exponential Moving Average indicator
How to turn on the Exponential Moving Average Indicator on Olymp Trade

If you decided to use the Exponential Moving Average Indicator on OlympTrade platform, you will need to open “Indicators” menu. The menu itself is located at the top left side. After that, select the EMA, which will be second in the list. Consequently, you will see that yellow line has appeared on the trading graph. That means you had applied the indicator.

Can I know more about EMA on OlympTrade?

OlympTrade Know more about Exponential Moving Average
Know more about Exponential Moving Average indicator

Of course you can! If you want to know more about OlympTrade EMA Indicator, you will need to go to the “Indicators” selection menu at first. Secondly, just press on the little icon near the EMA itself.

Explore the EMA Indicator on OlympTrade

OlympTrade What is Exponential Moving Average
What is EMA Indicator on Olymp Trade broker

A little window will open on the right side of the page. There you will be able to read all of the useful information about indicator itself. Also you will see an example of how an indicator works on the picture. Furthermore you will have a chance to ask relative questions regarding the OlympTrade EMA indicator. If you have more questions OlympTrade support will always help you.

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    1. Yeah, same. EMA and WMA indicators helped me to make my first 1 million and I’m still using them.

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