Japanese Standard

OlympTrade Japanese Standard

Japanese Standard strategy on OlympTrade broker video

Japanese Standard on OlympTrade

OlympTrade Japanese standard
Candlesticks on Olymp Trade broker

To begin with, Japanese Standard is profitable trading method which you can use on OlympTrade. Strategy itself is based on japanese candlesticks which trader must identify in order to make a right prediction of a graph move.

OlympTrade Candlesticks
Selecting the chart type on Olymptrade

Most importantly, this strategy does not need any complicated indicators. What is more, it works with any asset you like. The only thing you will need to do is change the chart type to Japanese candles. You can find this menu next to “Indicators” menu on the top left side of a trading page.

Setting up Before Trading

OlympTrade Time trade
Time trade on olymptrade broker

The next step is changing the time trade and entering the bet amount. The Japanese Standard strategy works best in 10 minutes time trade. You will be able to change the time on the top right side of a trading page.

OlympTrade Time period
Time period on Olymp Trade platform

Nevertheless, you will also need to choose 5 minutes time period. You can find this menu at the bottom of a trading page.

Principle of Japanese Standard

OlympTrade Japanese standard strategy
Principle of Japanese Standard strategy on OlympTrade

Finally, how the strategy works? Now we are seeing the Buy option, and you will need to “BUY” when Green candle goes higher than the previous Red candle. The Sell option will be when Red candle goes lower than previous Green candle. Respectively, in this case you will need to “SELL”.

Profit From Trading

OlympTrade Profit
Profit from Japanese Standard Strategy

Now just wait for ten minutes and take your profit. To sum up, the strategy itself is not complicated at all and can bring you a big amount of money. Above all, this trading method is suitable not only for beginners, but for professional traders as well.

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  1. Even though I don’t like to trade on candles, I’m using this strategy very often because of its profitability.

  2. Sounds interesting! I tried out MACD Professional from your website and earned $70,000. I guess now is the time for Japanese standard 🙂

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